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Earth Traditions is a Pagan Church devoted to the practice and development of the Earth-Centered and Nature-Based spiritual traditions of our ancestors. We believe that the Earth is sacred; a living Being, infused with a Divine Spirit which runs through all things, animate and inanimate, seen and unseen. We believe the cycles of our lives mirror the cycles of Nature, and we honor and celebrate the sacredness of that, revering the Divine in all things; the vast and unknowable spirit of the universe. We believe in building community through education and worship, teaching our children how to respect and cherish our home, our planet, and all with whom we share it. We honor and revere our Elders for the wisdom keepers they are, and we venerate our Ancestors based on the love and respect we have for them for the guidance they offer to us. We value that which inspires us to live in peaceful harmony with the natural world.

The following are the purposes for which this organization has been created:

  • To provide an area where members of the Pagan Community can congregate free of harassment, persecution, or repercussion.
  • To provide a centralized place for the greater Pagan Community to connect, network, experience spiritual community, celebrate holy days, and attend seminars and retreats.
  • To be a source of reference and to provide Celebrants for essential Pagan Rites of Passage such as:
    • Baby Namings and Baby Blessings
    • Coming of Age 
    • Handfastings and Weddings
    • Mother Blessings and Birth Rites
    • Elder Rites - Crone - Sage
    • Funerals
  • This organization will also provide spiritual counseling, hospital and prison chaplaincies, Death Midwifery training, and training for Pagan Clergy interested in becoming more deeply involved in these types of ministries.
  • To provide Magical Training through weekend intensives, and Ritual Ordeal.
  • To maintain a place at the table of Interfaith discourse, and a profile within the Interfaith movement.
  • Additionally, the organization exists to assist in dispelling myths and misconceptions about Paganism within the general community, and to provide resources for religious freedom issues.

For those who are interested in being a part of this community through Church Membership with Earth Traditions, which is a legally registered Pagan Church and 501(c)3 Not for Profit Religious Organization. 

Membership is free; it provides a way to affirm your commitment to this organization and the community it calls together for fellowship, study and worship, on paper, as a record. We do ask that you support us spiritually; financially when you are able, and come to an event here and there as schedules permit.

In exchange, we’ll put you on the mailing list and will send out newsletters and reports as we produce them and yes of course you can expect to receive our fund raising letters. All of this will hopefully become more consistent as we move along.

We are also always open to new ideas from our members, and appreciative of those who have a desire to serve this community by offering workshops, helping to staff events and participating in work days, committees,  and projects. Let us know how you want to plug in!

The Pagan Community has so much to contribute to the world. Please keep us on your altars and in your hearts, for blessings and success, as we continue to grow and expand into a viable resource for the People of the Earth. It means a lot to all of us to have you as part of our Tribe. You can click below to download, print and fill out a membership form. Mail to Earth Traditions, PO Box 510562, New Berlin, WI 53151-0562, or email to 

Many Blessings,

Angie, Drake, Nancy, Dave, and Paula

Our Board of Directors

Angie Buchanan


The Reverend Angie Buchanan is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Earth Traditions, and of Gaia's Womb, an interfaith spirituality group that has been producing women's spiritual retreats for over 20 years. In 2002 she was elected to the Board of Trustees of The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions and held the Office of Secretary on the Executive Committee, 2007-2009. In addition to CPWR, Angie has been involved with a number of organizations that encourage interfaith dialog and promote peace among the world’s religions, including, the Lady Liberty League, for which she served as the Public Relations Director for 10 years, Women For International Peace & Arbitration, and the Our Freedom Coalition. Angie was the instructor for "Introduction to Interfaith" at Cherry Hill Seminary for four years. She has been a religious freedom activist and an advocate for women's equal rights, and the protection and safeguarding of First Amendment since the 1970's. She was instrumental in securing the pentacle symbol for use as a religious symbol on the headstones and grave markers of deceased Pagan veterans. She is currently the Spiritual Advisor for Pagan students at the University of Chicago, a Certified Death Midwife, and an Instructor for the Death Midwife Certification class. (  Angie can be reached at Or at:

Drake Spaeth


The Reverend Drake Spaeth, PsyD is the Co-Founder of Earth Traditions. He is a Clinical Psychologist, and a faculty member of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He is the author of several entries in the Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion (Springer , 2010), as well as contributing a chapter (Psycho-spiritual roots of adolescent violence; The importance of rites of passage) in the book, Transforming Corrections; Humanistic Approaches to Corrections and Offender Treatment. ( Carolina Academic Press, 2009). Dr. Spaeth has been a presenter at the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions events in Barcelona , 2004, Melbourne , 2009 and Salt Lake City, 2015. He regularly presents papers on spirituality and psychology at conferences including the annual meetings of the Midwest American Academy of Religion, and the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. He has been a staff member, presenter, and ritual facilitator at the annual Pagan Spirit Gathering (1995-2011). His interests include the relationship between spirituality and psychology, ecopsychology, Humanistic-Existential psychology, transpersonal psychology, Jungian psychology, shamanism, Celtic mysticism, and the Western Mystery Tradition. He holds ministerial credentials with Earth Traditions. Drake currently serves as a Director, and is the Treasurer for Earth Traditions. He can be reached at 

Nancy Halwix 


A “Jill of All Trades and Mistress of Many” Nancy, who has a background in legal studies, is a corporate executive for three family owned businesses in Illinois; a multimillion dollar manufacturing company, which she operates with her husband, a pet shop; serving the exotic reptile market and specializing in educational exhibits for local schools and organizations, and a pet grooming salon. Additionally, she is a nationally certified massage therapist, Reiki Master and a student of herbalism. Nancy is a Founding Member of  Earth Traditions. She currently serves as Secretary for Earth Traditions. She can be reached at 


Dave Espinosa Aguilar


A student of comparative religions (thru emersion), dave has been a Wiccan priest since 1987, facilitating private and public rituals and Rites of Passage for covens and public Pagan festivals/gatherings for over 20 years. A Founding member of Earth Traditions community and one of the founders of the Columbian Wicca Tradition in the Pacific Northwest, he has also presented lectures and workshops internationally on a variety of magical technologies from an engineer's perspective and has been mentoring youth and new students of the Craft since 1993. dave currently serves as a Board Member at Large for Earth Traditions, and he can be reached at 


Paula Alejandre

Paula has been active in the Earth Traditions community since it began in 2008. A former schoolteacher she has been instrumental in the development and contribution of our Seeds children's programming at Oasis, and for our Wheel of the Year events. She has both presented and and hosted of a variety of community events.  She is currently the Personnel Manager for a large manufacturing company, a student of Natural Medicine, Mother of two, wife, gardener, keeper of dogs, cats, and chickens, Reiki practitioner, and a Certified Death Midwife. Paula serves as a Board Member at Large for Earth Traditions and she can be reached at


Our Advisory Council


Our Ministers

Angie Buchanan

Angie Buchanan

Drake Spaeth

Drake Spaeth

Paula "Thistle" Herrmann

Paula "Thistle" Herrmann







Ministry Training

So You Want to Be a Minister?

Earth Traditions: A Training Program for Pagan Clergy

Thank you for your interest in the Earth Traditions Ministry Training Program. This is not a Seminary, a program of magical instruction, or necessarily an ordination track. This is a practical certificated training program designed to provide Pagans who wish to be Ministers, (servants of the community) an array of tools and resources to inform and protect both the individual and the communities they serve.

The purpose of this training program is to cultivate skills and abilities essential in meeting the multi- faceted responsibilities of ministering to the community and representing our communities to the public. The title of minister bears a burden of responsibility; responsibilities that are, in fact, inseparable from the credentials.

The credentialing process fosters an awareness of the responsibilities of being a minister, develops competence, inspires confidence, and enhances our ability to be recognized as peers functioning within the same contexts as clergy in other faith traditions. Moreover; having a streamlined, practical credentialing process creates a professional and social support network for colleagues to use as a resource for sharing ideas and information, problem solving and self-care.

It is our hope that those who are already claiming ministerial credentials or working toward them with other groups, as well as those who aspire to be ordained through Earth Traditions, will find this training program to be vital to their personal growth and professional leadership.

Articles & Interviews







Angie Speaking for The Guibord Center at St. John Cathedral i Los Angeles, California - February 2018



Deirdre Pulgram Arthen, Jonas Trinkunas, Andras Corban Arthen, Michael York & Angie Buchanan 

Deirdre Pulgram Arthen, Jonas Trinkunas, Andras Corban Arthen, Michael York & Angie Buchanan 



Pagans at Parliament Melbourne, Australia - 2009

Drake and Angie were featured in this 2009 article published on the EarthSpirit  Voices site. 

"Angie spoke of the reasons why it is so important to do this work and to go to workshops and rituals other than our own. "

EarthSpirit Voices is the online journal of the EarthSpirit Community, a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts that provides services to a nationwide network of Pagans and others following an Earth-centered spiritual path.

Angie Buchanan   

Angie Buchanan


Angie Buchanan named Pagan Spiritual Advisor at University of Chicago

This article, from the Parliament  of World Religions Web site, considers the appointment in the context of expanded presence of interfaith organizing on college campuses

“I believe that as a culture we are recognizing the need for a diverse set of spiritual advisors in multiple environments, and we are beginning to embrace a positive attitude regarding the diversity of religious traditions co-existing in society.”

The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.


Archetypes for Pagans/Need for Pagan Ministry Training

Drake Spaeth and Angie Buchanan   

Drake Spaeth and Angie Buchanan


Dr. Drake Spaeth, and Rev. Angie Buchanan appeared on the Voices of the Sacred Feminine Internet radio show. 






Drake Spaeth discusses Jung's Red Book and the Impact of Archetype in Pagan Spirituality.  

Angie Buchanan, Founder and Director of Earth Traditions and Gaia's Womb discusses the Critical Need for Pagan Ministry Training - including ethics, codes of conduct, and the differences between a priest/priestess and minister.

You can listen or download a copy of the recording on 

Drake Spaeth

Drake Spaeth

Drake's Blog at Saybrook University - The New Existentialists

Drake regularly publishes articles of a spiritual and scientific nature on Saybrook University's New Existentialists blog.  



As I write these words, I suddenly realize with joy that my “knack”—my body’s blissful reaction to “rightness”—is in fact its natural and organic response to being in the presence of Beauty.

Read this and many other articles at Drake's author category on the blog.