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It all started when…

After a much needed and wisely chosen two-year hiatus that gave us an opportunity to complete our move to Wisconsin, re-form our team, and re-evaluate our venue options… and as a result of the loving and “persistent encouragement” of the Tribe, (especially this past Winter Solstice), Oasis is rising in 2019.

Get ready to join us for a brand new format for our summer event, June 20th-23rd, at DeKoven Center, in Racine, Wisconsin. (Think Hogwarts)

For four days over the Summer Solstice, we’ll come together to acknowledge the Longest Day with a -Solstice Sunrise over Lake Michigan ceremony, and a -Put the Sun to Bed on the Longest Day, ritual. We’ll also be offering a variety of workshops, activities, and other presentations on the DeKoven campus, located on shores of Lake Michigan.

Day passes, a selection of indoor, overnight, and workshop accommodations, and scrumptious, healthy meal plans will all be available ala carte so you can custom design your experience.

Ritual at the Labyrinth at dekoven

Ritual at the Labyrinth at dekoven

There’s a labyrinth on the grounds, and some wooded areas, for reflection and contemplation, expanses of green lawn to walk barefooted on, and waterfront view, with nearby access to Lake Michigan.

Our Seeds Programing for kids will continue, and we’re excited to have Breeze returning to guide that. Drake will be offering his, Introduction to Sacred Breathwork. Additionally, he and Angie will partner on -An Introduction to the Psychopomp. Other dear, familiar faces, will also be returning to us as teachers, facilitators, and Tribe - and there are some new faces as well! We can’t wait for you to meet them! Stay tuned for announcements.

For adults, sacred fires, toasting and boasting, conversations of substance that last long into the night, mead bragging, and relaxation are encouraged.

Registration opens March 1st. Check back frequently for updates, or sign up for our newsletter so you’ll be among the first to receive new announcements.

If you are interested in vending at this event, please contact Nancy@EarthTraditions.org-


Take a look at our venue.