The Psychopomp - Part II: Deepening the Encounter

january 12 - 13, 2019

(Must have completed Psychopomp Part I) ) 

In Part One, we journeyed to awaken and encounter the Psychopomp within and without, exploring our sense of calling to help those lost or stuck on the journey beyond death. We also enriched our understanding of our potential as Initiators into the Mysteries and facilitators of rites of passage. We journeyed, journaled, dreamed, and enacted what it means to be a Midwife or a Soul Guide in contemporary times, contributing to the Collective Myth of the Psychopomp.

In Part Two, we will deepen the encounter with the Psychopomp, and with others found in the threshold, engaging in more challenging work--identifying, exploring, and addressing personal psychological, spiritual and mystical obstacles. We will journey into those shadowy places where souls wander, using our Intuition and skills to help. Finally, through storytelling and art, we will share with each other the experiences of our Dreaming, taking our places in the collective mythmaking of the Psychopomp.

Psychopomp II


12:00 pm       Arrivals – settle in

1:00 pm         Introductions - Expectations

2:15 pm          Break

3:00 pm         The Guardian – An Encounter With the One Who Doesn’t Want You There.

4:30pm          Break

4:45pm          Drum Journey and Journal Time: Going into the Gray Zone

5:30pm          Light dinner

6:30pm          Discussion/Processing of Journey

7:00pm          Break

7:15pm           Drum Journey: Into the Broken Places

8:15pm          Journal

9:00pm        Break

9:15pm          Large Group Discussion Processing

9:45pm         Introduction of Dream Incubation Task

10:00pm        Dream Journeys


8:30am          Continental Breakfast

9:00am          Psychopomp; Myth Making and Storytelling

10:45am        Break

11:00am        Psychopomp; Myth Making and Storytelling

12:00pm          Break

12:30pm          Wrap-up/Discussion

1:30pm          Adjourn

This weekend workshop is intended for any who seek to deepen and enrich their ability to work with others in transition. This is an experiential immersion in the mysteries of death and transition.

Cost is $250.00 per person, includes meals and accommodations. (vegetarian and non- vegetarian) Refrigerator and microwave are available, for those with other dietary restrictions who may need to bring their own food. We regret that we cannot make a price adjustment for this. 

Space is limited to 10 students.

Rooms are double occupancy only.

(We will assign you a roommate if you come alone)

Bathrooms are shared.

Registration is not guaranteed until your registration form and payment has been received.

Register early!!!