Earth Traditions Presents - Samhain 2018

The Beansidhe & Other Harbingers of Death

sunday November 18, 2018

 Image used with permission

Image used with permission

Samhain - The Bean-sidhe & Other Harbingers of Death

Sunday November 18, 2018 1PM - 8PM

A wild wind begins to blow, the trees begin to creak and groan, and whirlwinds of leaves, scarlet and golden, spiral through the air.  We have arrived midway in the season of Samhain, the month of November. In the spiraling in to ourselves, we explore the many entities of this season that are connected to death, and we pause to remember those who have gone before us.

The bean-sidhe, a woman of the fairy (may be an ancestral spirit) is appointed to forewarn members of certain ancient Irish families of their time of death.

The Rusalka is a female entity, that originally stems from Slavic paganism. The Rusalki can warn of impending death, and appear particularly in Slavic language-speaking countries, where they frequently resemble the mermaid. Also connected to the Kelpie and the Selkie.

These and many other characters from folklore across the world have always been present to forewarn us of the nearness of death or to accompany us through it. Most of them tie directly in to the Ancestors

Noble ones, notable ones, those who have had an impact on who we are by being a strong link in the lineage that brings us to the present. Our ancestors, by blood or by influence, it makes no difference. 

We will gather once more in this time of waxing darkness, to explore the line of Ancestors upon whose shoulders we stand; to honor the knowledge and the wisdom that has been passed to us through the shadow of the forgotten ones.

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Ancestors; loving ones, firm ones, wild ones, those of wisdom; elusive visitors of our dreams, brought to life  once more — a scent, a sound, a whisper in a dark hour, a scrap of quilt or flannel shirt, a strength not our own, a rhythm. Feel them, know them, and remember; you have arrived at this moment by passing through them. You come from a long line of strong Ancestors.

 As children we each had those in our lives who in our eyes, were Divine. Chances are they smelled like cinnamon or vanilla, tobacco or sawdust. Or perhaps they had a streak of paint on their cheek or garden dirt on their hands . Whoever they were, we stand in the threshold of Samhain to re-experience their energy 

Join us as we gather in a place outside of time and space. We’ll meet on the shores of Lake Michigan, at wisconsins version of hogwarts, known for it’s otherworldly inhabitants, for a celebration of Samhain, one of the most important Pagan holidays of the year.

1PM - 8PM - Dekoven Center - 600 21st St, Racine WI. We will be in Taylor Hall.

  • Workshop on the harbingers of death in folklore; the Beansidhe, the Cailleach, the Siren, the Rusalka, and the Strigoi.

  • Make a set of prayer/meditation beads to honor and remember your Ancestors.

  • Participate in the Dumb Supper

  • We’ll be bringing back the Dance With the Dead, a deep working that processes grief, loss and the importance of Tribe.

Due to the nature and the character of the holiday, this event is Adults Only  – 21 and over. (This is the only Earth Traditions event that does not include children.)

To Bring:

  • Personal talismans to help build our main altar. Candles, photos, stones, statuary, flowers or anything that brings to mind the strong and influential people of your past.

  • A small framed photo of your Beloved Dead to have with you at your place at dinner

  • A copy of a baby photo of yourself, preferably before the age of 10 years old

  • A votive candle in a cup for ritual

  • A journal and pen

There will be a Dumb Supper. Dinner is provided. Please let us know if there are any dietary restrictions. There is space to do this on the registration form.

Bring a dessert or a bottle of wine or mead to share after the ritual.

The cost is $30.00 per person.

Pre-Registration is required.

Adults +21 only

There are no refunds. 

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