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                          Samhain 2015

An Earth Traditions Event
Saturday, October 31 and Sunday November 1, 2015
Camp Duncan, Independence Hall, Fox Lake, IL

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Important: Please provide the Name, year of Birth and year of Death of the deceased loved one you'd like to work with this Samhain.
Name: ______________________________________________________________ Year of Birth: ___________ Year of Death: ___________

Please Provide YOUR Birthday:_(mm/dd/yyyy)_____________________________________

Meals: The main meal, (the Dumb Supper) will be provided. Some snacks will be provided. Please feel free to bring your own or something to share. As always, if you have special dietary concerns please bring your own food. There are microwaves and refrigerators available. A Continental breakfast will be provided for those staying overnight.

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Pricing Structure:

·  $65.00 per person for Saturday only.

·  $100.00 includes overnight accommodations (bring your own bedding, plus extra sheets or tapestries to hang for privacy) and The Sunday Mourning Tea.

We do have some guidelines that we would like to be very clear about for this event:

1. Because of the nature of the rite, and the archetypes we will be appealing to, this event is not open to children. Anyone under the age of 21 is not permitted to attend. Please make the appropriate arrangements.

2. This particular rite is not appropriate for "seekers." Out of respect for other participants, please attend only if you feel completely comfortable with participating in serious, sacred, magical space and are open to Pagan, Earth Based, Nature Centered spiritualities, and please, if you are not already familiar with it, prepare yourself for the ritual by knowing something (independently) about the nature of the Samhain Sabbat, its symbols, folklore, and mythos.

3. This event provides a special opportunity for you to take an active role to transform yourself. Out of respect for the rest of the community, you must be willing to take part in the ritual in order to attend the event. Together we will build the container in which to conduct the work. We will not harm you, but we will try to unsettle you, and touch you emotionally. We will ask you to face your fears, confront your Shadow, and emerge from the Cauldron renewed. PLEASE plan to be responsible for your own emotional balance and grounding. We will, of course, provide space in the ritual for appropriate grounding, but cannot be responsible for the consequences you take away from the experience.

I have read and understand the above Guidelines:


Mail completed registration form to:

Earth Traditions
PO Box 647
Deerfield, IL 60015
For further information contact Angie Buchanan at:
(847) 456-4833 or email: