Spring Equinox


Today is the Spring Equinox. This year here in the Chicago area - northern Illinois, and into southern Wisconsin, it seemed the Winter spirits  just waved casually as they passed by, leaving us confused, and still not quite trusting.  

But, this morning brought the song of the robin, and somehow that makes it official; we are beyond the point of no return. The days grow longer the buds fuller, and tender green shoots some with delicate blossoms poke their heads from wet soil. Persephone has returned and her Mother greets her in celebration. 

When Spring returns, the Earth becomes a child who recites poetry.
— Rainer Marie Rilke

Many of our Tribe gathered this past weekend to celebrate but, we also wanted to offer an opportunity to those who were unable to be with their communities to be with us for a moment, and to tune into this amazing, miraculous place on the Wheel of the Year that we call Spring. 

Equinox Ritual

Place a fresh egg  on an altar plate in the center of your home. Open as many of the windows and doors as possible to allow the chilly breezes to waft through your living space, exchanging the dead Winter energy of your home sanctuary with clean, fresh, Spring air.

If possible, leaving the window and doors open,  go outside. Take off your shoes and socks, and feel your naked feet on the cold, damp, Earth, or if you are physically unable to do so,  sit or stand comfortably in front of an open window. Take a slow, deep, cleansing breath. 

Close your eyes. Allow yourself to take in all of the scents, sounds, and tastes of the day. Dig your toes into the soil and feel yourself connected, grounded to the Earth. Throw your shoulders back in a stretch, and allow your chest to open up. Open your hands, spread your fingers wide, stretch your arms over your head, then out in invocation, and back, in a way that expands your chest and opens your heart chakra.  Then, bring your hands down to the center of your body, one palm facing up, and one palm facing down. Imagine yourself as the seed whose shell has cracked; drawing energy up from the ground, and down from the sky. Allow your body to be the conduit through which it flows.

Man praising cropped.jpg

Continue to allow your energy to flow in the rhythm of your breath - acknowledging that you are returning to the first sacred cycle that you complete as a human being; your inhale, and your exhale. Allow that cycle to expand outward as far as you can imagine - with each easy, relaxed, breath, encompassing your home, your neighborhood, your town, your state, your country, and finally, the whole world. Envision your parents in the same posture, and their parents, and theirs, all the way back through your ancestral line.

Since the dawn of time, the Vernal Equinox has brought with it a promise; the promise of re-birth, resurrection, renewal, prosperity, and infinite potential. Allow this promise to heal you, and make you stronger. Allow it to bring you back into balance; to prepare you for a re-birth, a fresh start, a resurrection.

Allow your heart, and your whole being to be infused with gratitude - for the miracle of your life, for those who have meaning within it, for this beautiful world we live in. Using the energy of the waning moon, allow all your aches and pains, trials and concerns to drain away. Stay there, in that space, in that mindset for as long as feels right. 

And in that space of openness and gratitude, return to the center of your home and retrieve the egg you left there. Hold the egg in your hands and infuse it with all of the hopes and dreams that you have for this coming season. Fill it with the energy of infinite potential for your success in this time of growth. If you wish to take the time to decorate  the egg with colors or symbols you may do so at any point. Then, place it on your home altar, or on the earth, outside of your front door. In a month, dispose of it in running water. (A river, lake, stream, or storm drain) 

Last of all, smudge your home with sweetgrass, sage or incense, or spritz it with *Florida Water. Close up the windows and doors, and proceed with your day or evening. 

May this time of the Vernal Equinox bring you everything you need.

You are you are sacred, you are blessed, you are whole. 

With love,

- Earth Traditions 


*Florida Water -

  • 2 cups Whole Grain alcohol
  • 1 cup 91+ proof vodka
  • 2 cups distilled water
  • 1 teaspoon rose otto essential oil
  • ½ teaspoon orange essential oil
  • ¼ teaspoon ylang ylang essential oil
  • 10 drops clove oil

Pour into glass spray bottle. Be cautious about using around, or setting bottle down directly on finished furniture surfaces.                           Shake before use.