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Samhain 2014

November 8th & 9th, 2014 - Camp Duncan, Independence Lodge,

Fox Lake, IL

Samhain, "Summer's End," the Celtic New Year, the Blood Harvest, Day of the Dead, After Lives, Underworlds and Other Worlds...Phantoms and Ghosts... Ancestors and Death ~ the great equalizer; a constant source of mystery and intrigue that beckons us to journey beyond the comfort of our five senses and into the realm of the shadow.

In the twilight-dusk of the year, the stillness of wintertime approaches. The days grow shorter -- and the nights deeper. We gather with intent, to pay heed to ancient whispers, voices that urge us to prepare for the cold, and the long nights to come. Overhead, the Blood Moon wanes to dark while the Earth eases into Her first stages of sleep. In the flickering candlelight, together we slip into a space of darkness, and there find the embrace of the shadow. With a sigh of relief we submit to the ebb and the flow of Her. From the safety of the Tribe, held lovingly in the womb of the underworld, we gaze upward to the velvet sky into the dark mirror that reflects the flame of our ancestral bloodlines, and finally beyond ourselves, calling forth the Queen of the Night, She of many names, who midwifes the thresholds of birth, death, and rebirth. Fearlessly traveling between the worlds as warriors, poets, priests and priestesses, we welcome the chance to dream, to reflect and connect, and to find the beauty in this season of death. With no memory of the past and no vision of the future we are truly at rest and content to be -- just Be.

Earth Traditions invites you to join us for an adult's only day of study, and an evening of serious and fully transformational ritual and renewal.

Saturday's workshop brings us Earth Traditions Minister, Angie Buchanan, one of the founders of Earth Traditions, and a Family Tradition Pagan. Angie, follows a shamanic and animist path. 

Sunday brings us The Sunday Mourning Tea with Earth Traditions Death Midwife, Paula Alejandre.  

RSVP ~ Don't delay ~ put this event on your calendar now! Registration is limited and fills up quickly. Registrations will be taken on a first come basis.

Pricing Structure:

·  $85.00 for the Saturday day/evening event only. Includes catered dinner.

·  $125.00 includes overnight accommodations and The Sunday Mourning Tea.

Overnight, indoor lodging is available as follows:

·  Dormitory style bunks in the beautiful Independence Lodge, overlooking the beautiful Fish Lake. Bring your own bedding, plus extra sheets or tapestries to hang for privacy. Shower facilities included.

There will be a silent auction as a fund raiser for the operating expenses and charitable efforts of Earth Traditions. Please bring an item for the auction.

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Please make checks payable to: Earth Traditions
Mail with registration form to:

Earth Traditions
PO Box 647
Deerfield, IL 60015
For further information contact Angie Buchanan at:
(847) 456-4833 or email:

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We look forward to seeing you there!

Please bring:

·  A cup or mug for drinks.

·  A symbol of Samhain for our main Samhain altar; statuary, stones, adornments, etc.

·  A journal and pen

·  An item for the Silent Auction

·  One or more votive candles (preferably black) in a glass cup.

·  A framed photograph or memento of your Beloved Dead for the ancestral altar.

·  A copy or photograph of your Beloved Dead or someone you want to honor this Samhain, to have at the dinner table with you

·  An EMPTY 5X7 or 8X10 picture frame with glass - silver frames work well. (There will be a limited number available for sale)

·  A black shirt or robe for the dumb supper (participants must be in black from the waist up).

·  Shoes for walking, weather appropriate garb.

·  Bedding, towels and personal hygiene items for those planning to stay overnight.

·  A fancy tea cup for The Sunday Mourning Tea.

·  Drums and rhythm instruments (optional).

·  An acknowledgement will be sent in receipt of your registration with further instructions as needed. Please check this site regularly for updated information

We do have some guidelines that we would like to be very clear about for this event:

1. Because of the nature of the rite, and the archetypes we will be appealing to, this event is not open to children. Anyone under the age of 21 is not permitted to attend. Please make the appropriate arrangements.

2. This particular rite is not appropriate for "seekers." Out of respect for other participants, please attend only if you feel completely comfortable with participating in serious, sacred, magical space and are open to Pagan, Earth Based, Nature Centered spiritualities, and please, if you are not already familiar with it, prepare yourself for the ritual by knowing something (independently) about the nature of Samhain-tide, its symbols, folklore, and mythos.

3. This event provides a special opportunity for you to take an active role to transform yourself. Out of respect for the rest of the community, you must be willing to take part in the ritual in order to attend the event. Together we will build the container in which to conduct the work. We will not harm you, but we will try to unsettle you, and touch you emotionally. We will ask you to face your fears, confront your Shadow, and emerge from the Cauldron renewed. PLEASE plan to be responsible for your own emotional balance and grounding. We will, of course, provide space in the ritual for appropriate grounding, but cannot be responsible for the consequences you take away from the experience.


Saturday, November 8, 2014


Arrivals and Registration: Walk the land, Meet and Greet.


We begin the day with a discussion of Samhain with Angie, Drake and others; the history, the origins, the stories and lore. Investigate the meaning of the season and the reason for it. Meet the deities, the characters, the personalities and the spirits associated with this time of year. Explore death's customs, and strange rituals, the mysteries that examine the ways in which cultures have revered, celebrated, and secretly divined the meaning of life's inevitable destination.

3:30pm  Bring a light snack to share before we move into the events of the evening.

4:00pm  Workshop: Veneration – Meeting and Communicating With the Dead, with Angie Buchanan

Angie leads us through a workshop on honoring the ancestors. Through the building of home altars to acknowledge, remember, and venerate our dead, to the use of talismans, and tools of divination to open and establish regular channels of communication. Craft your own black mirror, bless it, charge it, and learn how to use it as a portal for scrying. 


Prepare For Ritual: : The temple space will be closed off at this time. The remainder of the evening will be conducted in high ritual space.


Walk of Souls: A ritual procession. We begin our journey into the darkness with a walk of souls. Step over the threshold into a trance reality as we process in honor of the ancestors.


Dumb Supper: Dining with the dead is an ancient tradition that honors our loved ones. The Dumb Supper is a ritual meal used to pay a tribute to the ancestors; it is a dinner observed in total silence. This solemn meal is a long respected tradition where the dead commune with the living for an evening of magic. Guests are encouraged to consciously take each bite, each sip and each breath in honor of those no longer held within the confines of time, space and the five senses. Attendees are guided into the sacred space with a walk of souls and then enter the chamber where the meal is served. From this point on, total silence must be observed, in respect for our beloved dead who live on in the world of spirit. By remaining quiet, participants open their minds to visions of the spirit world. Guests of the Dumb Supper often tell of feeling the touch of their departed, detecting a familiar scent of a loved one, and even witnessing physical manifestations of spirit energy. Attendees must wear a solid black shirt, robe, or dress.


Spirit Walk & Main Ritual: The banshee wails and the veil is parted. Enter the Temple of the Beloved Dead. We are summoned to step through into a mysterious realm where spirits who have crossed over await. Commune with the dead; honor the ones who have gone on before us in years past and in more recent harvests. Connect with each other as spirit siblings, weave the Tribe, grow the community, dance with shadows and the departed, stir the cauldron, and honor the ancestors. Experience Samhain. Live the mystery.

12:00 Midnight

Closing Circle and Divination for the New Year


Sunday, November 9, 2014


Sunday Mourning Tea: For a few thousand years, Sunday morning has been a time of reflection and often of melancholy. Join Death Midwife, Paula Alejandre, for a continental breakfast and a very special tea. There is a variety of customs and cultural differences for grief and mourning. From Widows Walks, to Victorian Mourning Jewelry; armbands, and covering mirrors,  join us for a presentation and a discussion about the cultural norms, and the customs and traditions of mourning across the world. Explore the difference between grief and mourning. Includes tea! 

11:00am Closing the event



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