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The Psychopomp: Spirits, Shades, Souls, and


This popular event is limited to 10 students and fills quickly. Registration opens November 1, 2019 and is accepted on a first come basis.

January 25, 26, 2020 - Taylor Hall Dekoven Center, Racine, WI

The psychopomp has arguably never been more needed. What are often called near death experiences (NDEs) occur with greater frequency given medical technologies that save and extend life. Natural and human perpetrated disasters, as well as mass casualties in modern warfare have engendered large numbers of souls who are stuck, who become shades that knowingly or unknowingly haunt locations and spaces to which they feel attached and unable to move on.

There is a certain type of person who feels comfortable interacting with the energies and spirits of these liminal places. Not everyone can do it; it is a calling. Trust your instinct.

  • Do you occasionally feel a pull to leave the familiar paths and ways of being in the world?

  • · Are you drawn to look behind the veil and explore the places ‘Between’?

  • · Do you sometimes sense the pain, despair, or weariness of those who wander those liminal spaces and have perhaps become lost in them?

  • · Do you intuitively know when someone who has recently died still struggles with the transition, and feel called to assist them?

  • · Do you experience a part of you as existing somehow outside of the accepted stages of life, and long to guide and support those who are caught within them and moving through them.

Trust the call. It is real and true.

As the shadows grow longer in the waning of the year, we gather to awaken and forge strong strong connections to the Psychopomp, the Inner One who senses these things. We pay heed to the whisper that calls us to a path not well traveled and even less understood in these times when preoccupation with technology serves as a distraction from the need to face death and anything with which it is associated.

The psychopomp is found in tradition and myth archetypally as elusive, liminal figures who serve as guides for souls into the afterlife, or who may appear to assist those souls who are stuck or lost in their transition.  In contemporary times, individuals may also serve in the role of the psychopomp when she or he assists those who have encountered difficulty associated with dying and helps in their crossing over into the great Mystery. A person may also be a psychopomp in taking the role of Initiator in a rite of passage or initiation rite that involves a symbolic or ceremonial death and rebirth.

This 24-hour weekend intensive is designed as a group journey into the mysteries and role of the Psychopomp, utilizing meditative states and our dreaming during sleep to awaken and invoke the Psychopomp. In large groups and dyads, we will discuss the nature of the Psychopomp, journey to awaken and enhance our own Psychopomp capacities, connect to the Psychopomp in our dreaming and bring those dreams to life the following day through psychodrama exercises.

Dr. Drake Spaeth and Rev. Angie Buchanan are skilled facilitators and teachers, with over 25 years of international experience as speakers, and hosting workshops, rituals and Rites of Passage within the Pagan, occult, and interfaith communities. Join them as the come together to co-host the weekend. This workshop is intended for any who seek to deepen and enrich their ability to work with others in transition. This is an experiential immersion in the mysteries of death and transition.



12:30 pm        Arrivals - settle in

1pm:               Orientation, and Introductions: Why are we here?

2:15                Break

3:00 pm         The Psychopomp in History and Myth (Lecture and Group Discussion)

4:30pm          Break

4:45pm          Drum Journey and Journal Time: Encountering the Psychopomp Within

5:30pm          Light dinner

6:30pm           Discussion/Processing of Psychopomp Journey

7:00pm          Break

7:15pm          Drum Journey: Helping each Other with Transitions

8:15pm          Journal and Dyad Discussions

9:00pm        Break

9:15pm        Large Group Discussion Processing

9:45pm        Introduction of Dream Incubation Task

10:00pm        Dream Journeys


8:30am           Continental Breakfast

9:00am           Dream Theater

10:45am        Break

11:00am        Dream Theater (cont’d)

1:00pm          Break - light lunch

1:30pm          Wrap-up/Discussion

2:30pm          Adjourn

Cost is $285.00 per person, includes meals and accommodations. (vegetarian and non- vegetarian) Refrigerator and microwave are available, for those with other dietary restrictions who may need to bring their own food. We regret that we cannot make a price adjustment for this. 

Space is limited to 10 students.

Rooms are double occupancy only. Bathrooms are shared.

Registration is not guaranteed until your registration form and payment has been received.

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