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"Fools Feast" A Winter Solstice Event

Earth Traditions Presents: Winter Solstice  
A Feast of Fools
From the quiet core of winter’s silence, from the somber depth of darkness comes …. a giggle??
Tis the time of the Winter Solstice, Yule, a season of celebration when the balances of day and night are reversed and the People of the Earth gather to call back the sun.
Join Earth Traditions for a joyous Feast of Fools! 
Shel, Billy Crow, and Willow will lead us in learning about the ancient customs of the Fools Feast and the appointment and anointing of the Lord of Misrule for the day. Make a traditional decoration for the sacred Yule tree; embrace the hope of the evergreen. Engage in merriment and games to honor and celebrate the inverted nature of this time of year. 
Bring a dish to share; soups, stews, or casseroles, with crusty breads or baked goods. (Enough to feed everyone in your party with a little extra to share with others and show off your culinary expertise.) If you would like to bring an appetizer or a dessert in addition to your meal contribution please feel free to do so. 
Come dressed in your bright holiday finery ready to scoff at the darkness and embrace the unexpected. 
Place: Starin Park Community Center, 504 W. Starin Rd., Whitewater, WI
Time: 10am-5pm
Cost: $15.00
Children under 16 are free