Earth Traditions Event Coordination Guide and Request Form

Earth Traditions Event Coordination Guide

Thank you for your interest in producing, or helping to produce an Earth Traditions event. We welcome you to share your ideas and are excited to partner with you, to help bring them to the community.

Please read the following carefully. Then fill out the Event Agreement at the bottom of the page and submit it to us.

 3 to 5 months before event

  • Let us know that you are interested in coordinating the event. (

  • If this is your first time coordinating an event find a mentor to help you. We can make suggestions.

  • If you have a venue in mind, make sure it is available, and provide a copy of the contract for review. Otherwise, let us know if you want us to secure a venue.

Things to consider regarding the venue

  • capacity of at least 100 people

  • kitchen facilities are essential; stove, refrigerator, microwave (does it have coffee makers or a dishwasher?)

  • we will need to know things such as,

  1. policy on open flame, candles etc

  2. policy on alcohol

  3. availability of tables and chairs

  4. availability of parking

  5. handicapped accessible

Please realize that the cost of unintentional damage resulting from our not honoring terms of agreement with the venue site will not be covered by our insurance, potentially incurring costs that Earth Traditions would not be able to cover.   

 Event planning

  • Decide if you are coordinating and doing the workshop and the ritual. If not, identify those you would like to involve to provide a workshop and/or facilitate the ritual. Coordinate with them on themes and focus so the activities and ritual are relevant to the occasion and flow nicely together. Feel free to ask us for assistance or suggestions.

  • Start thinking about activities for the day. When will you have the meal? Lunch or dinner? When will the ritual be?

  • What activities will you have to fill in the rest of the day? Best to have things for both adults and children. They can be the same or different activities. Also helpful to identify people who can be in charge of them so you don't have to do everything during the day.

  • It helps to write out any instructions needed before hand. Identify all of the items you will need for the activities. Is there anything special the participants need to bring to be involved in the activities? If so make sure we know so we can list that in the event announcement.

  • If you like, you can set up a messenger group with us and any others working on the event. This way you have a good communication stream regarding the event planning. And we will be able to pop in with questions and guidance as needed. But it will be your responsibility as the event coordinator to ensure there is a days worth of organized activities.

  • As you are planning these activities be in contact with us about items needed. It could be that we already have them. (Coffee pots, coffee, paper plates, flatware, altar cloths, etc. See attached list)

6 weeks before the event

  • Finalize the details about the event, the theme or event name, and any other details needed for the Facebook and website announcements.

  • Once the announcement has gone out continue to advertise the event by sharing it, posting updates or teasers, and work towards encouraging people to attend.

  • Find someone to sit at the registration table. We will bring the registration box and teach them what they need to know.

3 weeks before the event

  • Get us a final, comprehensive list of items that ET will need to provide. (Foodservice supplies, and refreshments such as coffee & tea?)

  • Make sure you have a solid schedule for the day with no huge holes or gaps.

  • Double check to ensure all of your staff are clear on what they are in charge of.

  • Check with ritual facilitator to finalize those details.

  • Provide a detailed outline and schedule to us so that expectations are clear.

Night Before Event

  • Check in with us to make sure we have everything you need, and to see if we need assistance loading the vehicles.

Day of Event

  • You must be at the venue one hour before the event starts to help off load the vehicles and get everything set up.

  1. Coffee & Tea made

  2. Kitchen set up to receive meal items (power strips, etc)

  3. Put out plates, bowls and eating and serving utensils

  4. Seasonal decorations and altar set up

     Post Event

  • Be prepared to stay after the event to help with clean up and tear down.

  1. Trash picked up

  2. Kitchen clean up

  3. Vehicles loaded

  4. Vehicles unloaded and supplies and equipment put away (If needed)

 Notes About Ritual

In order for Earth Traditions to be in compliance with its Charter as a Religious Organization, (Article III), there are certain criteria that must be adhered to for ritual development. We have provided them below. Please be sure your proposal includes them.

Article III: Religious Structure

Earth Traditions is a Pagan Church that is based upon the celebrations of the seasons of Nature, also known as the “Wheel of the Year.” **The standing events are as follows:

  • Samhain- October 31, or the weekend prior or aft.

  • Winter Solstice a/k/a Yule - December 21, or the weekend prior or aft.

  • Imbolc – February 1, or the weekend prior or aft.

  • Spring Equinox a/k/a Enchanted Spring – March 21, or the weekend prior or aft.

  • Beltane – May 1, or the weekend prior or aft.

  • Summer Solstice – June 21, or the weekend prior or aft.

  • Lughnasadh – August 1, or the weekend prior or aft.

  • Autumn Equinox a/k/a Golden Harvest – September 21, or the weekend prior or aft.

Worship services shall include:

  • Provision of an altar

  • A defining of the space as sacred

  • Calling in of Elements, Deities, or Ancestors

  • An offering of expressions of reverence, gratitude, or requests for blessings

  • An acknowledgement, meditation, or magical working that is seasonally appropriate

  • A definitive closure of the space

In addition to the above, please schedule approximately 10 minutes at the beginning of the event for announcement.

Thank you for your interest, investment and participation in the Earth Traditions Community, we are grateful. If you think of anything that might be added to this guide for future reference please send those suggestions to Shel and Angie and

*Rituals and celebrations may occur online, if scheduling or venue space is not available.

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