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Founded in 2008, Earth Traditions is a Pagan Church devoted to the practice and development of the Earth-Centered and Nature-Based spiritual traditions of our ancestors. We believe that the Earth is sacred; a living Being, infused with a Divine Spirit which runs through all things, animate and inanimate, seen and unseen. We believe the cycles of our lives mirror the cycles of Nature, and we honor and celebrate the sacredness of that, revering the Divine in all things; the vast and unknowable spirit of the universe. We believe in building community through education and reverence, teaching our children how to respect and cherish our home, our planet, and all with whom we share it. We honor and revere our Elders for the wisdom keepers they are, and we venerate our Ancestors based on the love and respect we have for them for allowing us entry to our human state, and for the guidance they offer to us. We value that which inspires us to live in peaceful harmony with the natural world.

The following are the purposes for which this organization has been created:

  • To provide an area where members of the Pagan Community can congregate free of harassment, persecution, or repercussion.

  • To provide a centralized place for the greater Pagan Community to connect, network, experience spiritual community, celebrate holy days, and attend seminars and retreats.

  • To be a source of reference and to provide Celebrants for essential Pagan Rites of Passage such as:

    • Baby Namings and Baby Blessings

    • Coming of Age

    • Handfastings and Weddings

    • Mother Blessings and Birth Rites

    • Fatherhood Blessings

    • Sovereignty Rites - King - Queen

    • Elder Rites - Crone - Sage

    • Funerals

  • This organization will also provide spiritual counseling, hospital and prison chaplaincies, Death Midwifery training, and periodically, training for Pagan Clergy interested in becoming more deeply involved in these types of ministries.

  • To provide Magical Training through weekend intensives, and Ritual Ordeal.

  • To maintain a place at the table of Interfaith discourse, and a profile within the Interfaith movement.

  • Additionally, the organization exists to assist in dispelling myths and misconceptions about Paganism within the general community, and to provide resources for religious freedom issues.

For those who are interested in being a part of this community through Church Membership with Earth Traditions, which is a legally registered Pagan Church and 501(c)3 Not for Profit Religious Organization. 

Membership is free; it provides a way to affirm your commitment to this organization and the community it calls together for fellowship, study and worship, on paper, as a record. We do ask that you support us spiritually; financially when you are able, and come to an event here and there as schedules permit.

In exchange, we’ll put you on the mailing list and will send out newsletters and reports as we produce them and yes of course you can expect to receive our fund raising letters. All of this will hopefully become more consistent as we move along.

We are also always open to new ideas from our members, and appreciative of those who have a desire to serve this community by offering workshops, helping to staff events and participating in work days, committees,  and projects. Let us know how you want to plug in!

The Pagan Community has so much to contribute to the world. Please keep us on your altars and in your hearts, for blessings and success, as we continue to grow and expand into a viable resource for the People of the Earth. It means a lot to all of us to have you as part of our Tribe. You can click below to download, print and fill out a membership form. Mail to Earth Traditions, PO Box 510562, New Berlin, WI 53151-0562, or email to 

Many Blessings,

Angie, Drake, Nancy, Dave, and Paula