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Summer Solstice

Art by: Ivan Sokolov

Art by: Ivan Sokolov

Watt's Up!!!

It's Mid-Summer! A time of Honey Moons, bees, Trooping Faeries, and beautiful sunsets. 

Earth Traditions welcomes you to join us on the banks of the Rock River, in Watertown, WI, in the gardens of Peter & Julie Watts - for a celebration of gratitude and beauty, a ritual for the prosperity of the Earth, and fun with family and friends.

This event is free. Love offerings are welcome. We'll leave a donation can on the registration table in front. 

Bring your own food -  a dish to share, or pack a picnic for however many people are in your party and maybe a little extra. Grills will be provided for those who would like to bring something to grill.

Bring a drum or guitar or other musical instrument to play around the fire. Storytellers, and singers are also welcome. 

The address is 920 N. 4th Street, Watertown, WI  

Please call Angie if you have any questions.    224-501-5443               

Earlier Event: May 9
Later Event: August 8
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